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About Us

About Us


Our business

Inspired by essence & bakery. We are a company specialized in suppling flavours & selected ingredients to the food industry.

Established in 2000, our focus has always been understanding the market needs, while providing quality & consistent products and services.

JAPS is a producer of emulsion flavours, flavours customization, product improvers, offer technical support, and OEM services.

Our flavours assist with product consistency, enhancing the sensory profile producing a distinctive and well-rounded note to your finish product

We also represent flavours houses and ingredients manufacturer for the Singapore market.

Our products are applied in a wide range of applications from bakeries, biscuits, confectionary, beverage, and savory goods.


From the start

JAPS Food Ingredients was founded by Mr. Peter Kee. He brings over 40 years of experience in the food industry. Peter’s background is in the bakery & confectionary industry. Back in 1985, he joined the American wheat board being trained in baking science & flour milling. His responsibility was educating the foods industry in the Asia Pacific region on the advantages of using wheat grown in the United States. During his 10 years, he works closely with flour mills & wheat flour users by providing technical know-how, organizing training programs in Asia and USA helping the industry to grow.

Through his knowledge, he moved on joining Dargoco, a flavour house (now known as Symrise AG). Learning about flavours opened a whole new chapter for Peter. Understanding the importance/complexity of flavours, and its advantages to a finished product is what motivated him. Using his background in baking science, Peter applies his expertise and pass them down to his customers. He assists customers with flavour application/developments, trouble shooting, and adjusting the formulation in relevant to their production facility.

JAPS Food Ingredients was set up based on this same principal till today.



Keeping up with the ever-changing market trends & needs. 
Our passion to service the food industries with the correct flavours and quality ingredients.
Offering technical support for added value to our customers.
To help industries on OEM Services focused on sweet powder and liquid blending. 


To deliver exceptional  & outstanding customer service, creating value for our customers by consistently producing top quality flavours through continuous improvement & innovation.


Flavours & Ingredients.

Excitement when you discover a place that offers truly  amazing sensory of eats.

Happiness, when you revisit your discovery.

Comfort, the feeling when you reconnect with the flavours you grew up on.

It all starts with Flavours & Ingredients.